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Will humankind endure forever upon the face of this planet, or are we unwittingly on the brink of extinction?

Final Days

And last, but not least, would we be able to depend upon an alien life form, whose intelligence and technology are vastly superior to ours, to bail us out in those most probable final days?

What begins in innocence in a small town in upstate New York evolves into a tale which questions the very nature of humanity and our place in the cosmos….

About the Author

Adventure, the thirst of the human spirit—may it thrust us out amidst the stars.

Charles Clotfelter was born into a military family and lived the first twelve years of his life in Southern California. Thereafter, he relocated with his father, first to New Mexico and later to Virginia.  After graduating from a military academy in Virginia, he began traveling on his own furthering his education in Utah, New York, and Hawaii; spending time as well in The Bahamas, Mexico and Thailand. People he chanced to meet, and situations wherein he often found himself, provided a basis for many of the ideas used in the structure of We Aquatus. 

Short Introduction - We Aquatus

If aliens, with the capacity to travel faster than light through the cosmos, have been observing this planet for thousands of years, why have they not yet made official contact with the people of Earth? Is it probable that any government could keep us from knowing it, if such beings wished to make their presence known? And, if we have been observed down through the eons of time, why would such beings not wish us to know of their presence?


If aliens have taken it upon themselves to accurately document the history of mankind, over the past several thousand years, and related it to us in contemporary times, could we accept it? Or would we (the only creatures upon this planet capable of lying to ourselves) persist in hiding from reality?


Will humankind endure forever upon the face of this planet, or are we unwittingly on the brink of extinction?


And last, but not least, would we be able to depend upon an alien life form, whose intelligence and technology are vastly superior to ours, to bail us out in those most probable final days?


What begins in innocence in a small town in upstate New York evolves into a tale which questions the very nature of humanity and our place in the cosmos….


“I am not of this world” spoke the tiny alien. “We Aquatus have been visiting Earth for nearly 10,000 of your years; monitoring this planet for most of that time. Until recently there was no need for you to know. However Humankind’s technology has now surpassed the morality of its use; 75% of all life on this planet could be abolished within 80 years. There is no doubt that humans cannot save themselves or this planet without our help.”  

We Aquatus

All writers aspire to write a book, wherein all its contents please most of its readers. This book leans more towards probability rather than crowd appeasement. WE AQUATUS is a plausible delineation of what could happen if aliens were to find us in the cosmos; what might be their thoughts, politics, and morality, concerning us and other intelligent species they have encountered.

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The Howard Hughes Hoax

Con Men, Corruption and the Fake Burial of a Billionaire
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I do not profess to be expert in all the medical arts. However, in consideration of my knowledge of endocrinology, (toxicology) it appears to me that the lab-tests, evident in Mr. Clotfelter’s book “The HOWARD HUGHES HOAX,” are not indicative of renal failure being the sole cause of death of the corpse, believed to be “Howard Hughes, autopsied at the Methodist Hospital, Houstan, TX, in 1976.

Futhermore it was apparent to me, as it would be to most in the medical arts, that the destruction of the rib cage, breastplate, clavicle, and spinal bone tissues (as described in numerous news articles concerning Howard Hughes and his 1946 XF-11 test plane crash into Bevery Hills, CA) could not have healed to the extent of being non-evidential in the Methodist Hospital “HH” corpse autopsied 30 years later.

Dr. Roland

MD, Anesthesiologist

The thesis begins too fantastic to be true. The implausible begins to appear possible, then even probable. An impressive complitation of supporting exhibits makes a compelling case.

Stephen H. Rodgers

Attorney at Law

As a follow-up to his earlier work (The PRICE of THEIR SOULS), Mr. Clotfelter’s exquisitely researched work (The HOWARD HUGHES HOAX) captures the essence of conspiracy to mislead the public and camoflouge the truth about Howard Hughes’ death. In doing so, Mr. Clotfelter unfurls a treasure trove of background material which makes his analysis and conclusions both thought provoking and compelling.

Alan R. Bradford M.S.

The Howard Hughes Hoax

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The Price of Their Souls

Throughout the ages, wise men have maintained that the making of a bad man out of a good man is simply the size of the reward or the grandiosity of the identity achieved therein (i.e. “every man has his price.”) What can happen when the funds available can meet anyone’s price? This is the very core of THE PRICE OF THEIR SOULS. 


Short Introduction - The Price of Their Souls


      I open my newly purchased ‘Laptop’ and gaze into the screen’s inky darkness. Suddenly I realize there are eyes gazing back into my own; they are, of course, the eyes of my own reflection.  I find it strange that out of the darkness of my little, not yet activated, computer, an image would emerge and startle me a bit; a psychiatrist might know the reasons, but then again maybe not; perhaps it’s instinctive to be startled by sudden perceptions of the unexpected.  I’ve been around long enough to know that perfect mental health can be likened unto an elderly person with perfect teeth; rare.  In any event the austere reflection hastens intentions long — very long overdue.  I’ll start with the vegetables first; in hopes you will understand better when we get into the meat of the matter.

     It’s been a long bumpy road, this life of mine, but numerous were stops along the way wherein I found adventure, a gracious girl, shade beneath a friendly tree, clean sandy beaches, clear water, and piece of mind.  I begin to reminisce on long ago memories which come to me suddenly out of the darkness of bygone years.

     The screen of my little Laptop brightens and chimes its readiness.  I’m also ready; fully understanding the necessity of the tale to be told.

     Sometimes I wonder why I stored away, in the folds of my mind, trivial bits of knowledge.  Other times I find myself rationalizing past activities that no one even cares about anymore.  But then there are those memories which I, just as you, will never forget in their utter completeness; memories so lucid, so crystal clear, that forgetfulness comes only when our bodies return to that from which they came.  In those late hours of the evening and small hours of the morning I find myself contemplating things I should have done and didn’t; secrets kept back and truths blurted out like verbal diarrhea; regretfully injuring those who would have been better off  left alone.

     In the fury of battle oft times the innocent are lost.  Oft times as well, the nature of an historic account will have its guiltless casualties; when the children come to realize that parents and grandparents were not the honorable icons they had held in esteem for so many years.

    I will give a principled account, as best my memory serves me; with the understanding that some memories are more rigidly fixed in there exactness then others. In order for the narrative to be of interest, younger memories may be embellished a bit; although certainly not fictional in their entirety.  Three characters predominate as they are the basis and essence of the story; Charles, George and last, though certainly not least, Howard.  None of these individuals tread upon the paths of their lives leaving footprints of perfection; but then – have you?  Perhaps you should not judge them too harshly; they were, as you are, but human creatures with human frailties.


      I’ve waited patiently many years and, in all probability, without many years remaining; I now choose to let the world know the truth about Howard; I will wait no longer.

     What is truth? Webster maintains that it is “the state of being the case: fact and actuality – the body of real things and events” but is it not more than this? Is it not the glue that holds the society of man together?  In the courtroom, when asked to testify, is it not the first thing on the agenda that “we swear to to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”  And last, but not least, are we not a Nation of Laws bound by truth? Indeed; how long as a Nation can we exist without at least most of this principle?  Well we know there are dishonorable men and dishonorable governments who have profited from lies and deception; but could we pursue happiness and secure our lives when scoundrels such as these have complete power over us?  So then – money gives us power; but does the power of money elevate us above the laws of this Nation? I think not. But let us test it; will wealth supersede the law of the land, in the case to be revealed? I’m sure there are those still alive who, after looking over their shoulders for so very many years, will not be happy with my tale; will they be held accountable for their disloyalty, dishonor and larceny?  We’ll see. 

    Wise men, throughout the ages, have maintained that ‘the making of a bad man out of an honorable man is simply the size of the reward’ or the grandiosity of the identity achieved therein; i.e. “every man has his price” What can happen when the funds available can meet anyone’s price?  This you are soon to read about.  There will be those of you who will pass it off as pure conjecture and those who sense the truth within the words.  Then, of course, there will be those very few who know the truthfulness of my words.  I suspect that most of these knowledgeable individuals will play the roles of naysayers; having been bought off long ago.  I also expect to be invited to the polygraphists; but I will be expecting dual endeavors with naysayers as well as participants!

     So then off we go with my account, it’s about the greatest fraud of the 20th century; those who made it happen, those who let it happen and those who went along for the lucrative ride.  Should you find yourself a believer then I suspect you will conclude that the infamous ‘Enron scandal’ was not so big a deal after all.   





Film Director


Film Producer

Business Tycoon


Howard Hughes

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“This book is packed with the truth about the late Howard Hughes Jr. And how the people he trusted betrayed him.  Events and research herein clearly indicate how this great industrialist was betrayed all the way to his grave and beyond.”

Dr. Fredrick Colella

Consultant Science and Electronics Engineering, Lockheed Aircraft Company, Hughes Aircraft Company ….

“Having worked for SUMMA (Hughes Corporate Properties) as assistant comptroller and later for Hughes Aviation, I often wondered why straight answers to critical questions were seldom forthcoming. Mr. Clotfelter’s convections and research shed new light on what may well have been going on inside Summa after 1965.”

O. Shelby Cox

University of Las Vegas B. S., Utah State University M.S.

“Ruse… deception… scam… all may be used to describe the circumstances surrounding the death of Howard Hughes. In ‘The Price of Their Souls,’ these swindles are brought to light and beg for further forensic examination.”

Jennie Ayers

Bachelor of Science, Biology, Certified Crime Scene Investigator

“…Masterful story…a compelling account of an encounter with aliens…a delightful blend of interesting characters, scientific knowledge, social and environmental commentary, compassion, suspense, and even horror…a thoroughly satisfying read that will remain on my mind for a long time.”

Kenneth L. Kennerud

Physicist and Project Manager, Retired, The Boeing Company

“An alarming and astonishing journey that includes the most fascinating assessment of humanity and the human condition that I have ever read. Undoubtedly the first science fiction masterpiece of the new millennium.”

Brent Ashkey Kidwell

Journalist , MTV Music Supervisor

Authors Life

Journey With Hughes

The author’s life became entwined with that of Howard Hughes’ in 1964, on a remote road in Southern Mexico, when Howard, then a stranger, committed a random act of kindness that may have saved the author’s life. The author and Howard became friends in their two-day journey north to a more populated area, where the author could board a train. In their many discussions Howard had confided in the author that he had only eight months to live. Later in life the author, through his research, came to the realization that his long-ago benefactor had been none other then the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes; but not the reclusive, demented persona fabricated by those bent on pillaging the Hughes Estate for millions in ill-gotten gain. THE PRICE OF THEIR SOULS is a vindication of Howard Hughes which sheds light on the greatest scam of the 20th Century. No conspiracy theory written can compare with this intriguing documentary.

The Truth About Howard

Write a book to right a wrong

Perhaps few there are to believe

Then will come those who say

“He seeks to deceive!”

Those degenerate men of ill-gotten gain

With their political powers renowned 

Marshaling up a malevolent force bray:

“Drive it underground!”

But it’s too late! For you shall know What is true and what’s a lie

There’s a division within this world

Encountered by and by

Those mostly of the good

Who’ll look you in the eye

And those who’ll travel Hell’s dark realms

 When it comes their time to die.

A boy came once into this world

In his youth shy and withdrawn

Later to tread upon life’s path

Brilliant, aware and strong

His mother passed at too young an age

His father died soon after

Leaving him a hollow lad

Devoid of joy and laughter

At his parents’ graves he must have made A promise to them both

“We shall not lose the name of Hughes” To Heaven he sent the note

Know you this! In these current days

When we take to the air and fly


The Hughes name flies there with us

In the hardware or the drive

Howard took many a chance                  

Lesser men would not have taken

In peril he would leave the earth

Testing his own creations

He flew them fast and flew them far Oft risking his life alone

Several times he crashed his craft 

Or barely made it home

 Did capricious Fates exact a debt?


From the man in his power bird?

Oh Hell!” within that airborne craft A sickening sound was heard!

With no one there but Howard

 To know what had occurred


As if Shiva’s hand grasped the plane’s right wing

And pressed it toward the earth

With nerves of steel he gripped controls

Preparing for the worst 

 Going down, up came the ground

 Were there others there beneath?


Could he save them and himself?

His thoughts a shroud of grief

Confined within the derelict

He flew it to the end

Did he ask God for one more chance A miracle to send?


 Is prayer once granted a debt to pay?

None can know save God


Did Howard keep his desperate vow                                            

Once pulled from that plane’s crushed pod?                  

What can we know of heavenly realms?

What’s taken or forgiven?

A broken man at a future time

 Was this Howard’s price for living?


Yes! Howard died a broken man

 Though not the way they said

To have his true condition known in life

 Would he rather have been dead?

They said he died a sick old fool

 A hypochondriac was he

Consuming vast arrays of drugs

 To set psychosis free

Did he take drugs? Of course he did!

With pain he daily reckoned

Slowly crushed within himself

Minute to minute stricken

Did Howard take drugs recreationally?

 He took them to stay alive!

Those who would say other than this

 Would be a devil’s lie!

Did Howard die in seventy-six? As chroniclers had believed

Most likely he died in sixty-five In agony, alone and aggrieved

I’m honor-bound to write this book

Though it saddens me to do it

 Could justice be served another way?

 I prayed God to point me to it


 From the universal God to me                     

There came no verbose answer                       

Yet a whisper deep within me urged                       

Try to heal this cancer

When first we come into this world

 We gain the gift of sight


What molds us in the passing years                        

Is to learn what’s wrong or right                          

 If we’ve seen grave injustice done                       

Attempting not to make it right

Better were we not born at all

 Having never seen the light

Heaven and Hell wait high and low

 When a Father gives up his Son

 Was it for a sacred cause?                        

Or for iniquity was it done?                                            

Should the tale a father’s son must tell                       

Be shallow and unfounded

Cast him away into the Pit Bewildered and Astounded!                 

Should you read on and agree with me                  

Through knowledge or persuasion                              

We must set our conscience free and form a close liaison                                

I have faith in acts of God Of being aided if we try                                

Even if it’s just we two We’ll be allies you and I

A look into the life of Howard Hughes

The Hercules’ was a monumental undertaking. It is the largest aircraft ever built… I put the sweat of my life into this thing. -Howard Hughes

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